Our Process

Our Process

Our products are created by utilizing the ancient extraction technique known as spagyrics.

Spagyric medicines are more effective, bioavailable, and deliver greater well-being than traditional powder or gummy mushroom extracts. That's because spagyrics incorporate every part of the fungi through the fascinating spagyric extraction process.

Each step is performed with care to create a well-balanced and capable extract that provides natural healing.

If you'd like to know more about the spagyric process and the science behind it, then continue reading below.

What Are Spagyrics?

Spagyric medicine comes to us from the early modern age of medicine in the 1500s. The medicine is based on the famous Swiss physician Paracelsus's theories, philosophies, and therapies.

At its core, spagyrics create healing through a fundamental process of separation and unification. That can even be seen in its name—the greek word spao means to separate, and ageiro means to combine.

Spagyrics typically separate and purify plant or fungal compounds before recombining them in a restorative tincture. This process involves many repetitions of alcohol extraction and distillation.

Although spagyrics is an old practice, it has been refined and mastered through the ages. As studies have shown, spagyrics are effective medicines.

Spagyrics and Alchemy

Some people know spagyrics through their association with alchemy. In the old ages, alchemy was central to medicine and healing.

Although alchemy isn't in use anymore, its philosophical principles are still important. Alchemy has three central elements—sulphur, mercury, and salt.

Sulphur is the soul, mercury is the spirit, and salt is the body. Altogether, these three elements describe spiritual processes in terms of chemical reactions.

The Spagyric Tincture Extraction Process

Our spagyric extracts are created through the fundamental process of spagyric alcohol extraction. The entire process consists of three essential steps: separation, purification, and recombination.


We start by separating important mushroom compounds from the fungi themselves. Within the mushrooms are both water-soluble and alcohol soluble-compounds.

These are healing compounds such as triterpenes, which can be difficult to extract. Yet, with our extraction method, we reliably gather all beneficial compounds.

First, we blend the mushrooms into a fine powder and begin extraction with organic alcohol. As the mushroom sits in the alcohol, all the important compounds will flow out.

Then, we distillate the compounds by using a soxhlet extractor. The distillate flows into a separate glass so that there is only alcohol and compounds—this is known as the primary distillate.

This whole process is done under a vacuum to ensure that none of the heat-sensitive compounds are destroyed during the distillation process.

However, we often distillate the mushrooms more than once. After all, an essential part of spagyrics is to recondense the extract many times.

The primary distillate is then stored away until the recombination step.

Purification (Mineral Extraction)

An essential feature of a spagyric tincture is the inclusion of the minerals left within the mushroom or plant material. These minerals are often discarded along with the leftovers after distillation.

But, in our process, we make sure to include them. We first take out the residue from the first distillate and then completely dry it.

Once fully dried, the material is burned between 300 and 700 degrees celsius until it's white ash. This ensures that there are no impurities left and only the trace salts remain.

Then, the white ash is combined with distilled water and dissolved completely. The water is filtered and then slowly evaporated under heat to crystallize the mineral salts.


All collected compounds and minerals must be combined to complete the spagyric process.

This process is the simplest one, and it involves combining the primary distillate with the purified mineral salts. The resulting tincture now has all the original mushrooms' acids, oils, and minerals.

Nothing is wasted, and the tincture contains all nourishing compounds from top to bottom and everything in between.

Why Are Spagyric Tinctures Better?

Spagyrics have more extraordinary healing properties because of their better bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount your body actually absorbs of an active compound.

Bioavailability is essential because the more bioavailable something is, the more your body can benefit from it. That's why with regular extracts, there isn't enough bioavailability to make them effective.

Yet, spagyrics are made with bioavailability in mind. That's because the mineral salts in the purification step neutralize natural organic acids within the distillate.

This converts the organic acids to another chemical form which creates nano-emulsions. These emulsions can 'wrap up' active compounds and carry them throughout the body.

Nano-emulsions not only carry compounds but can deliver them across cell membranes within the body.

All this together means that spagyrics are second to none when it comes to effectiveness.

The Philosophy Behind the Process

The process of spagyrics contains within them a distinct philosophy. As we mentioned, the basis of alchemy is sulphur (soul), mercury (spirit), and salt (body).

We can see this process playing out by starting with the spirit. The spirit, in this case, is the organic alcohol.

It's thought that the spirit draws out the soul, which are the essential oils, beneficial compounds, and organic acids. After this process, what's left over? —the body.

The body is the salt (or minerals) left within the mushrooms. The salt is then added back to the spirit and soul to form the recombination.

Although we know the chemical principles behind the extraction process, the alchemical principles remain a core part of the process.

Synergy From Every Mushroom

A complete, highly effective, and supercharged fungal medicine is left inside the tincture. Yet, the best part is that you can benefit from multiple mushrooms.

What we explained above is the process for only one mushroom. We repeat this spagyric extraction process countless times with different healing mushrooms.

These functional mushrooms include lion's mane, reishi, chaga, shiitake, and maitake. Once complete, we mix all of the spagyric extracts in perfect harmony to form an elixir.

This balance provides the synergy necessary to create a mushroom tincture that's more than the sum of its parts.

In the end, the spagyrics process produces more bioactive medicines by combining oligo-therapy, supplemental trace minerals, plant cell salts, and electrolytes to enhance your well-being.